School Events

School Events

Students have a unique opportunity to show their talents, expand their interests and knowledge, and gain experience in this vast variety of school events which are conducted on the local and national and international level.

Major school events at ISC-Lahore include frequent sports competitions with other schools in Lahore, annual sports days, concerts, English and Urdu plays, English and Urdu debates, field trips, carnival, bulletin board competitions, and art exhibitions, among others.

Annual events include Educational Mini-Expos, Book Fairs, and a number of fundraising events with proceeds going to charitable organizations. Mathematical and Science quizzes, spelling bee contests, public speaking and debates events, are also organized on the ISC-Lahore campus. Grade 12 students take part in Senior Day festivities, a tree planting ceremony, and graduation ceremonies.

ISC-Lahore sports facilities also serve as a venue for events organized and hosted by the Pakistani sports federations. Students have an opportunity to participate in SABIS®-wide academic and sports tournaments organized in different parts of the world.

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The International School of Choueifat — Lahore

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