Success Stories

Success Stories

                      Salman Sabir

SABIS® is a global education network that operates Pre-K and
K-12 schools in 16 countries on four continents. Around the
world, in both the private and public sectors, SABIS® Network
schools offer a high-quality education to over 70,000 students.

The International School of Choueifat – Lahore (ISCLahore)
in Pakistan is a member of the SABIS® Network. ISCLahore
offers students a high-quality, well-rounded education,
gives them the opportunity to study world languages including
Urdu, French, and Mandarin/Chinese, and effectively
empowers them for the future.

This is the story of how a young man used the education he received at ISC-Lahore to excel in life.

Salman Sabir joined ISC-Lahore as a student in KG1 in 1996 and graduated in the Class of 2010. While
Salman was an average student who struggled at times, particularly in math-related subjects, his strong
sense of determination and focus along with the structure of the SABIS® Educational System kept him
pushing forward. Ongoing support from ISC-Lahore teachers and administrators also motivated him to
achieve his full potential. He remembers his math teacher telling him, “You are very near the finish line; all
you have to do is run towards it.” And so Salman pressed on.

While at ISC-Lahore, Salman took every opportunity to get involved in shaping student life at the school. He
was an active member of SLO® and held positions as Discipline Prefect, Management Prefect, and Shadow
Teacher®. He also participated in numerous community service projects, igniting in him a commitment to
make a difference.

After Salman graduated from ISC-Lahore, he went on to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering and
minor in physics, two subjects that he had found challenging at school, but fields of study that he was
determined to master. Early on at the University of Arkansas in the U.S., he discovered that his time at ISCLahore
had given him an amazing foundation. “In my freshman year at university, I barely had to open a
book to study because I had already learned every single concept they were teaching,” he said. He realized
that “all those homework assignments, SABIS® AMS tests, and Periodic Exams at ISC-Lahore were not
there to stress you, but to simply prepare you to excel on your journey ahead.”

Salman successfully completed his university degree in the U.S. and returned to his village in Pakistan to
fulfill his dream of joining his family’s poultry business. Drawing on the knowledge and skills he gained at
ISC-Lahore and university, he took over the business’ newest project, a state-of-the-art poultry plant aimed
at becoming the largest of its kind in Pakistan. Salman also continues his commitment to making a
difference and giving back, which he extended to his family. Together they run many charity projects like
the hospital they built in their village, which offers free treatment to its patients, as well as actively helping
run the school in the village, which Salman tries to model after his own, ISC-Lahore.

From his position now as a successful, compassionate businessman, Salman reflects on his time at ISCLahore.
He can still hear the words spoken to him by the ISC-Lahore School Director, “You have the ability
to excel; you just don’t know it yet.” Thanks to his time at ISC-Lahore, the SABIS® Educational System, and
his own perseverance and determination, he knows it now and he’s living it!

The International School of Choueifat — Lahore

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