Success Stories

Success Stories

As a global education network, SABIS® operates Pre-K and K-12 schools in 16 countries on four continents. SABIS® Network schools, which are designed to provide a high-quality education for all students, are found in both the private and public arenas and currently serve 70,000 students worldwide.

A member of the SABIS® School Network, the International School of Choueifat – Lahore (ISC-Lahore) in Pakistan opened its doors on September 15, 1992, to 134 students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. Today, drawing on a reputation for excellence, the school educates close to 1,000 students.

This is the story of a student who faced unexpected challenges and came out better, stronger, and more committed than ever to making a difference in the lives of youth in his country.

Saad Tariq Hameed joined ISC-Lahore as a Grade 7 student at the start of the 1994-95 academic year. In switching from the local curriculum in Pakistan to the challenging international curriculum at ISC-Lahore, Saad was required to repeat Grade 7. The structured SABIS® Educational System, combined with the full support of the school, allowed Saad to end his first year in the school with an A average, a standard he maintained throughout his time at the school.

While at ISC-Lahore, Saad was an active member of the SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®). As a member of the SLO® Academics Department, Saad was a peer tutor who helped younger students in math.Saad was also a keen athlete and enjoyed playing on the school’s volleyball and basketball teams.

In his senior year, due to an unfortunate turn of events, Saad had to withdraw from school to help his family rebuild their construction business. Despite this challenge, he was driven to pursue higher education, earning a higher diploma in software engineering, degrees in journalism and English literature, and a law degree from the University of London (International Program). He is currently an Advocate of the High Court, a teaching assistant at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, and teaches business law at the National University of Computing and Engineering Sciences.

In parallel to his professional achievements, Saad has acquired near-celebrity status in Pakistan for creating The Knowledge Factory (TKF), a learning and activities center where creativity and imagination is encouraged and nurtured. Its flagship center, the Urban Learning Activities Center, is dedicated to engaging the youth of Pakistan in positive activities such as the enjoyment of literature, music, art, dance, and theater. The success of TKF inspired Saad to work closely with local non-profit organizations serving youth in some of the most underprivileged areas of Lahore.

Reflecting on his life, Saad believes that his time at ISC-Lahore was a game-changer. He strongly believes that SLO® inspired him to want to give back to his community, which is why he founded TKF. “If I am successful today, it is thanks to three things: my mother’s belief in me, my SABIS® experience, and my commitment to always maintaining a critical, positive approach to life.”

We wish Saad Tariq Hameed continued success in making a difference in the lives of underprivileged youth in Pakistan today.

The International School of Choueifat — Lahore

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