What is the language of instruction at ISC-Lahore?


In the classrooms, we maintain English as the language of instruction. Students can use their mother language during break times, keeping in mind to speak a language that everyone present around them can understand.

Which curriculum is taught at ISC-Lahore?


We teach the SABIS® K-12 curriculum that prepares students for British and American external exams. Additionally, upon successful completion of Grade 12 with enough cumulative credits in grades 9-12, students graduate with a SABIS® High School Diploma, which is internationally recognized and accredited.

Can we apply for admission to any grade?


Admissions are open all year round for all grade levels. To be eligible for admission to any grade level, a student must have successfully completed the previous grade level and achieved the minimum requirements in the diagnostic exams. For High School grades admission (Grades 10 and 11), Grade 10 applicants must have successfully completed the previous grade from an internationally accredited school, and Grade 11 applicants must have passed Grade 10 in the core subjects they want to pursue.

What admission tests does a prospective student take?


Applicants for KG1, KG2 and Grade 1 are interviewed and are expected to meet minimum readiness requirements before being offered admission.

For admission into Grade 2 and above, applicants take diagnostic tests in two core subjects: English and math. Both subjects constitute the basis of our education, as English is the medium of instruction and math is the prerequisite for an in-depth understanding of the natural sciences and related subjects.

These diagnostic tests help us determine if the applicant has attained the minimum expected standard for each subject. The school then makes final placement decisions but can resort to the various strategies at its disposal to help bring a student to the required level. For example, there is the option of attending extra classes in a subject.

As for Grades 11 and 12, the diagnostic test will depend on the subjects the applicant wants to study.

Why is it mandatory for all Pakistani students to take Urdu, even if they are coming from abroad?


Urdu as a second language is mandatory for all Pakistani nationals, irrelevant of the grade in which they join ISC-Lahore, as defined by the Education Ministry of Pakistan and also for the Equivalence requirement by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC). An Equivalence Certificate is issued for students having completed their school-level examinations from foreign boards and for students having obtained their degrees from foreign accredited/approved/recognized universities.

Are foreign languages integrated into the curriculum?


Yes. In addition to English as the language of instruction, Pakistani students also learn Urdu and have the option to choose between French and Chinese Mandarin as a third language starting Grade 7. As for foreign students, they can choose to take French as a second language in any grade level and take Mandarin Chinese as a third language starting Grade 7.

Besides regular school classes, are there any other classes offered? Do extra fees apply?


ISC-Lahore offers the following extra classes with no extra charges:

  • Learning support classes for students with learning gaps in a particular subject
  • Intensive Urdu classes for Pakistani students coming from abroad with no prior exposure to the language
  • Intensive Math classes for applicants seeking admission and not being able to manage the diagnostic test
  • Language club classes for foreign languages


What is the Student Life Organization (SLO)


The SABIS® Student Life Organization (SLO) is a student-led mini-society that empowers students to get involved in the day-to-day experience at their school and offers countless academic, social, and emotional benefits for everyone involved.

Through the SABIS® SLO, students can organize academic and social events, host games and challenges, plan athletic activities, explore new skills, start clubs, raise awareness on important subjects, stand up for important causes, and much more.

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