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A New Era of Education by Muhammad Hamza Malik 7B

As time progress, the way students are taught is taken onto a next level. SABIS® is currently showing one of the best examples of this by digitalizing their educational system. One of the most amazing technology used in SABIS® schools, is called ILS™, which is an acronym for "Integrated Learning System".  When our English teacher first introduced us ILS™, I was very confused; thinking it was a new chapter, but once it was explained to me, I quickly realized that I was privileged to have this. In ILS™ lesson, you have to login into the link provided by the IT department and enter your student credentials. Then, your teacher shares lesson for the concerned subject along with a set of questions, which you need to answer. Meanwhile, the teacher can see how much time each student takes and which question is poorly answered and requires re-teaching. I personally like this system because the teacher can see our weak concepts and help us understand those concepts, which in turn helps us with AMS, Periodic, and final exams results. Personally, ILS™ has helped me a lot to improve my scores from an average of 90% to 97+. In short, ILS™ is an extraordinary system, which helps you uplift your scores, which I am honored to have.                                                                                                                    

Muhammad Hamza Malik           


SABIS® Digital Platform