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Benefits of learning Chinese Language by Zilin Hong

The Benefits of Learning Chinese Language

Zilin Hong-HOD Chinese Department (ISC-Lahore)

Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Learning Chinese becomes increasingly popular all over the world. For the students in ISC-Lahore, Chinese comes as a third language subjects for Grade 7-10.

Chinese is logographic and ideographic language, which is a completely different linguistic system from alphabetic languages such as English, French and Urdu. Therefore, learning Chinese stimulates cognitive activities and enhances comprehensive abilities for non-native speakers. Some kids suffering from reading and spelling disorders might also find it easier to read and write in Chinese as the characters indicate meanings instead of pronunciation.

More importantly, learning a new language will open the door to another culture. Chinese is an ancient language, behind which a splendid variety of cultures is waiting for learners to explore. Learning Chinese will help students lift the mysterious veil of the Far East, expand their horizons, become more open-minded and embrace the diversity of the world.

Considering from a more practical perspective, Chinese is a useful language to learn to achieve a promising future. In the present, numerous new projects launching in Pakistan are in cooperation with Chinese companies. If one masters Chinese language, he or she will have many business opportunities or career options in international corporations home and overseas. 

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