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Mars: A Living Planet by Ahmed Hussain 7 B

Mars: A Living Planet

As of 2022, some people like Elon Musk and his company Space X® are looking into the possibility of migrating to Mars. Moreover, NASA® is currently working with Space X® to discover life on Mars. They have sent many Robotic spacecrafts to have a view of its surface. If somehow, we are able to find the traces of life’s possibility and sustainability, it will be a great achievement. We can migrate to Mars, if we find water and fertile soil there. It can help us getting oxygen and food and make our living. May be initially, we might stay in domes for few months or years because we will have to accumulate oxygen and other natural resources. However, just think for a while! What if while living on Earth, we develop the problem of overpopulation and scarcity of resources. It will be perhaps the biggest crisis for the human race. In my opinion, we must invest in such researches, so that in case of emergency, we can migrate to Mars. Else, we will have to control pollution and increase natural resources on land.

Ahmed Hussain

Class and Section: 7 B

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