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Online Vs Offline Classes by Aafan Khan

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world in ways unimaginable. It is apparent that one of the most impacted sectors was education. I would like to mention that online learning has both positive and negative impacts on the academic performance of the students.

Online Learning: A Superhero

Online classes and technology have emerged as a superhero during the lockdown days:

We were all under house arrest but the advances made in IT ensured that we were still connected to the world of education….

The LOCKDOWN took the students away from the outside world and the lack of exposure was evident.

The only reprieve for the students’ mental well-being became the transition to online classes. Teachers made sure that the learning for students was not compromised, so they took a great leap forward to find solutions and create new learning environments for their students to ensure that the learning never stopped…

…With little time to prepare….

      …..curriculums were modified

          …….new lesson plans were created

              ………activities were planned….

…all so that their students remain actively involved through online learning.

 Kudos to ISC-Lahore for making sure that the “learning never stops” and keeping us motivated during those hard times. The student community would like to appreciate the faculty for providing us with the tools to make the learning continuous and accessible to us.

Online Learning: Challenges

One of the biggest challenges?

The struggle to focus for long durations on screen.

Also, online classes are not completely reliable as internet connectivity plays a vital role.

While access to the internet has drastically improved over the past few years, in some parts of the country of Pakistan, people still lack access to decent internet speed and connectivity.

With the cameras turned off, there is a disconnect between the teachers and the students.

It is observed widely that students would log into the class and then get distracted with other activities.

The reason?

The students are free from the regulations and boundaries of an appropriate classroom environment.

How was it for me?

My personal experience with online classes has not been the best.

There were many problems I experienced…

…. including idleness


…..and the network issues that occur very frequently in Pakistan.


Simultaneously, I learned a lot from this new experience.

I learnt to be more patient and thankful towards my teachers and school faculty.

I appreciated their efforts in doing their best and bringing the whole school together in those tough times.

It has made the ISC Lahore community a very strong pillar of the SABIS Network.

Aafan Khan Grade 11 A     


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