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Ways to Increase Students Participation-by Yasmeen Nighat Shah (HOD Urdu)

For me teaching is beyond professionalism. It is a lifelong process in which a teacher/mentor shape the generation. During my teaching experience I have been encountered many students who never showed up their participation in class activities, but with the passage of time I involved them and they tried to be a part of class activities.

There are so many proactive ways to let your students to participate in curricular/extracurricular activities. First of all you have to compose yourself and stay CALM, COLLECTED and COOL. Communicate with your students with polite and respectful voice and deliver the message that you care about your students and value them as a person. By doing this whether you are inside or outside the class room, whenever your students see you they will be delighted and smiling. Besides this they will be happier to follow your instruction and ready to participate in class.

Remember you are the one who is responsible to interact, both verbally and non-verbally, communicates to students your attitude about participation. You have to create a supportive and enjoyable classroom atmosphere, meet and greet your student’s right from the first day. Students have right to learn in classroom and this is your duty to provide them this opportunity with love, commitment and passion. Always remember that students will be more engaged if they believe that you perceive them as individuals, rather than an ordinary member of a group.

According to Dale Carnegie

                                               “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest

                                                  And most important sound in any language”.

When you call your students by their name they will feel more connected to you and ready to participate in class.

Group discussion and relating text to real life is also a very powerful and effective way of learning and students will be eager to share their thoughts with their fellows.

As a member of SABIS teaching system we are lucky to be provided full guidance of teaching methodology. Along with this VLE courses are there to enhance teacher’s capabilities.

Always remember your positive impact on your student’s lives will carry them into their future success both academically and professionally.



OCTOBER 18, 2021

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