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Why Sports activities are important for children?-by Moiz Alam (Grade 9A)

Sports are a necessity in our lives. We need to exercise with any excuse. Sports keep the body fit and healthy. Without sports our bones and muscles will start to get weaker. Sports make exercise fun. Imagine a world where people don’t exercise at all. They would not look like what we do today, instead they will be completely dependent on wheelchair and will be powerless to do anything as they will be extremely lazy. In order to avoid this, many schools have P.E classes every week so that students understand the importance of fitness. Being fit always makes us happy. Researches show that over 65% of weak and lazy people do not do exercise or play any sport. This is the reason for their lethargic and tardy behavior. In my opinion, sports should be mandatory in all educational centers as it does not only makes us strong, but also teaches us discipline, self-control, and skills that are vital for our life.

Moiz Alam


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