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DOA - Fun Day

ISC-Lahore started the ‘Sponsor a Child’ Campaign in collaboration with Door of Awareness in February, 2014. This academic year, it was decided to take it a step further by inviting the children from DOA’s center number 9 to our school to meet their sponsors and to establish a bond with them. On November 14, 2015, we held the Door of Awareness Sponsorship event at ISC- Lahore where students from

DOA’s center number 9 (40 in total) were organized into 4 groups. There were a total of four activities: sports, arts and craft, story time, and playground games. After the activities were over, all sponsors and students sat together in the school cafeteria and had lunch after which there was a small closing ceremony in which goody bags were distributed to all the Door of Awareness students. The event was a great experience for all who attended.

Sarah Arshad, 11A

Deputy Head of SLO® Social Responsibility Department

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