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E Books Prefects

E-Books Prefects

E-Books and Tablets are extremely useful, interactive educational tools for increased academic performance of students at every level and age. ISC-Lahore is successfully providing this technological facility to its students from grade 3 to grade 11. In an effort to ensure effective implementation of E-Books project, SLO E-Books Prefects have recently been brought on board.

 E-Books Prefects are academically motivated, disciplined and extremely responsible students who have been assigned certain important roles and responsibilities regarding use of tablets in their respective classrooms. There are two E-Books Prefects in each classroom. They are easily identifiable because of their special badges with their names as well as their photo on them.

Special Orientation Sessions were arranged for these newly selected Prefects where IT department trained them in their expected roles in the class. From minor trouble-shooting issues to misuse of tablets, E-Books Prefects will be coordinating with their teachers, AQC and IT department so that E-Books issues are solved promptly and students use them to their maximum capacity. They are expected to maintain a polite and kind code of conduct while performing their duties so that their fellow students feel encouraged to work with them and a respectful co-operation takes place for everyone’s learning.

ISC-Lahore congratulates all its E-Books Prefects and hope that with their support and cooperation, E-Books project will achieve its maximum potential. View more pictures

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