ISC-Lahore Stories

Earth Day KG

Earth Day 2017 was celebrated at ISC-Lahore on April 21, and involved the whole school. That Friday was a NO UNIFORM day; students and staff wore blue and green colors, but the highlight of the day was the show that KG1 students put together and presented in front of their parents, teachers and senior administration. KG1A as flowers, KG1B as trees and KG1C as wild animals made a promise to save the earth, in their opening tableau. After their individual class songs, the children participated in a “sorting and recycling” race that taught them to differentiate between paper, plastic and aluminum. Their parents used the materials that their kids had collected, and created amazing junk art projects, which are being displayed in the school lobby. The day was surely an enjoyable and memorable one. We hope that it has made the children more environmentally conscious as well. ...View more pictures

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