ISC-Lahore Stories

Elves and Fairies

On February 13, all Grade 1 fairies and elves welcomed their parents to school for a picnic! The sun was shining bright on the green ISC-Lahore backfield, when the children, all dressed up in their fancy costumes, performed their dances in front of the guests, the school management and our Regional Director from Cairo, who honored the event with his presence. The event celebrated ISC-Lahore's 25th anniversary, and some first-graders delivered speeches about their school and their class, for the occasion, before the fun started. There were races and activities for both the children and their parents as well as a magnificent cake and finger-licking snacks. Colors, music, smiles and joy made the picnic a day to remember. A big thank you to the senior prefects for helping out with the activities and for joining in the fun!  ...view more pictures
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