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Fragrance Garden by Mohrele Hassan

“Fragrance Garden” idea has been initiated and proposed by Mohrele Hassan, Grade 11, Deputy Head Outreach Department at the International School of Choueifat, Lahore as a part of her department initiative.

Mohrele conceived this idea after a series of discussions around the ancient city Lahore and its reputation as the city of gardens and how we have lost the indigenous flora and fauna to urbanization. This amazing aromatic flower garden will be a collection of unique fragrant trees, shrubs and flowers that have been known for their aroma and medicinal properties for centuries. Selection of flowers has been done in a way that there will be scent all year round. Fragrance has a powerful effect on the human mind and can play an important role in the wellbeing of communities.

Afforestation Lahore is the result of a partnership between the Commissioner’s Office Lahore and the Lahore Biennale Foundation as part of the ‘Clean and Green Pakistan’ initiative. The initiative has created a consortium of NGOs and CSOs of Lahore to take ownership of this mission...See more Pictures

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