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ISC Lahore Success Story-Sajid Ikram

Sajid Ikram Siddiqui (ISC Lahore Class of 2018)

LLB Degree from City University, London

Sajid says, "I am the first Pakistani in city University London’s 125 year

History to be elected as the Chair Of Students’ Council. Currently, I am representing 20,000+ students. This is the same University from where Mr. Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah got his education.

I am also elected into the Core committee of the Pakistan Society of my university and am currently also representing all the Pakistanis within my university.

I have been given the honor to be a part of the 3 person recruitment team where I helped take interviews for candidates who will become the new Student Trustees of City University London. I became a member of PLASA (Pakistan leadership Association of Students & Alumni) and met with the president of Azaad Jammu&Kashmir (President Masood

Khan) for future initiatives.

Shahid Afridi’s team reached out to me in order for a collaboration. I had a virtual zoom call with Shahid Afridi and his SNF (Student Network Foundation) Team and we agreed on working together for a charity campaign in London.

I hosted and chaired the biggest and the most important meeting of 2020 for City University. The Student Members Meeting. Over 300 students attended (virtually) and I was the lead. The Dean and all the official University staff were also present at that meeting.

Also, I represented All Pakistanis in a platform that was created on tackling racial inequality within the University.

I must give the credit to my Alma mater that laid down a strong academic and extra-curricular foundation that has helped me to be where I am right now.

ISC LAHORE will always have a special place in my heart as it plays a major

role in making me the person I am today! They provide a decent blend of education and extracurricular skills which help students harness their leadership skills and tap into their unlimited hidden potential!"

We are Proud of you Sajid!

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