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ISC Lahore Virtual Tour to Ancient Egypt

ISC-Lahore proudly presents a Virtual Tour to Ancient Egypt: an entertaining, educational product of the collaborative efforts of a team of students, their parents, and their teachers.

On their tremendously enjoyable venture, the team produced a unique project and unforgettable memories while creating costumes, memorizing dialogues, recording videos, collaborating virtually, and staying positive throughout the challenging times when the pandemic was peaking its 3rd wave. Here’s to their resilience and teamwork! Congratulations!!!

Cast: Moazen Muhammad & S M Rayyan (Gr. 4), Murtaza Hassan, Zahra Pasari, M Khan Dreshak, Tasbiha Ayyaz, Zaina Akhlaq, Rania Mir, & M Ali Usman (Gr. 3), and Umaima Shahzad (Gr. 2).

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