ISC-Lahore Stories

Math Quiz

On 24th of October the math department held a successful 'Math Quiz' organized by Math department and the SLO.

Mr. Rizwan hosted the event while Mr. Afzal, Mr. Mian and Mr. Jafary took part as Judges.

Chief guest Ms. Margo Abdel Aziz appreciated the hard work of Mathematics Department and enjoyed the whole event. Special guests Mrs. Sajjad and Mr.Nathan also enjoyed the program. Three teams named Alpha, Bravo and Charlie consisted of six (two students each from grades 7, 8 and 9) took part in the competition.

Competition comprised of three rounds that included

1- Warm up Round

2- Rapid Fire Round

3- Wheel Fortune Round

Audience also got a chance to take part in quiz and received surprise gifts.

Well done to all...view more pictures


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