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Playgourp 1st Day

Playgroup 2016 – Orientation Day

Every year we look forward to this time, when Playgroup students join ISC-Lahore! They are the youngest addition to our family, setting off on their school life’s journey. The Playgroup program prepares them over a period of four months for a smooth transition to KG1. On February 9, 2016, we welcomed our little ones and their parents to an orientation day before the official start of the session. They had the chance to meet Mr. Ayche, our Regional Director, Ms. Margo, our School Director, the Infants and Primary Stage AQCs, as well as the Playgroup teacher. While the children were busy exploring the classroom, coloring and playing, we introduced the Playgroup program, talked about the separation anxiety that is usually common at this stage and clarified rules and expectations. Everyone seemed to enjoy a slide show that gave us a taste of last year’s Playgroup activities and events, and an anticipation for all the learning and fun that is going to be happening in the 2016 session. The orientation day ended with a lovely brunch in our school’s back field, under a beautiful, blue and sunny sky!

Best of luck, little ones! Enjoy the ride!


Mrs. Dimitra

Infants’ AQC

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