ISC-Lahore Stories

PlayGroup eat 5 a day

Our Playgroup 2017 students, along with their parents, participated in a “EAT 5 A DAY” theme day on 31st March. The concept behind the theme was to encourage the consumption of at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day for better health. The students took part in the activities based on the theme. First, they sang the theme songs in their beautiful voices and were applauded by the audience. Later, these little learners prepared vegetable sandwiches and sorted out fruit and vegetables from the baskets provided. The season’s best fruit was used to prepare scrumptious snacks and giveaways for the students. By the end of the event, children were able to differentiate between various foods and understood the importance of healthy eating habits. Parents had the chance to watch their little ones perform and demonstrate some of the skills they have learned during these first few weeks of school...View more pictures

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