ISC-Lahore Stories

Power Study Sessions - ISC Lahore

The Power Study Sessions were organized for a period of one week before the make-up exams in August. Different subjects were covered over this week of preparation, ranging from Math to 3rd language. The power study week was a unique experience, both from a managerial standpoint and from a tutor's point of view. The week was impressive, not only by the amount of tutees attending these sessions, but the number of tutors willing to sacrifice some of their summer vacations to help fellow students. It was an empowering experience. The teachers were helpful and sincerely willing to help their students. The supervisors were there for us throughout the sessions, providing support. This was not only a show of SLO®'s resolve of being proactive, but also a perfect example of this year's theme: building relationships. It showed the potential in students and their cooperation throughout the year. We would like to thank all the attendees of these sessions for their help, the teachers and supervisors for helping out the students and the senior management team for giving us this opportunity.


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