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Public Speaking Grand Finale 23

“Public speaking is a skill you get great at, just like anything else, with practice.”

Jeffrey Benjamin

The grand final competition of Public Speaking on April 27th was an exciting event that showcased the best and the brightest speakers from Grades 2 to 6. This competition gave a platform to the participants to demonstrate their public speaking skills and to compete against each other to see who can deliver the most compelling and persuasive speeches.

Public speaking is an essential skill that is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Effective communication is critical in nearly every aspect of life, from business to politics to personal relationships. The ability to convey ideas and connect with an audience is a valuable asset, and those who possess this skill are often able to achieve greater success in their endeavors.

The grand final competition of public speaking gave an opportunity to participants to showcase their mastery of this important skill. Participants who made it to the final round have already demonstrated exceptional speaking ability, and made the competition even more intense and exciting. The speeches delivered in the final round were insightful, powerful, and thought-provoking, and the participants' ability to connect with the audience was truly impressive. The skills demonstrated in this competition are essential for success in almost every area of life, and those who possess them are well-positioned to achieve great things.

A special thanks to all the parents for their endless support and encouragement for their child’s progress in this very essential skill.


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