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In the wonderful world of SABIS®, one of the many goals that the system tries to reach and execute is unity.

SABIS® tries to unite young minds, and teach them many qualities, skills and concepts, such as leadership, teamwork, confidence, and the courage to overcome their fears.

What can be a better way to achieve this objective than an international competition between several SABIS® schools? SABIS® Stars was a great way to teach students how to work together, hand in hand, and overcome life’s hardships.

On the 18th and 19th of April ISC Lahore participated for the first time in this event. The competition included many events which were divided into two categories: active events, and passive events. In all the events students worked hard and aimed for the skies. And I must admit they all did a splendid job! Everyone gave it their best whether it was the Science team or ISC’s future public speakers, and most importantly everyone had a blast! Overall SABIS® Stars was an amazing experience. It created suspense, friendship, excitement, laughter, joy, and pleasure amongst all of the ISC students. It was an event never to be forgotten, but to be cherished forever.

Following are ISC – Lahore’s achievements in the competition:

  1. Public Speaking: Second place – both of our participants made it to the semi – final and one made it to the final.
  2. Advertising: Second place
  3. Science Fair: Second place
  4. Art: Third place
  5. Debate: Qualified to the second round (best 6) best 4th team in the competition points wise. 
    ISC – Lahore’ debate team was announced to be in the final round. However, this decision was changed to make that round a knockout round rather than a point based round. Had they kept the same selection criteria as the first round, we would have made it to the final four.
  6. Spelling Bee: Out of the 3 participants one made it to the semi-final whereas the other participants made it to the final round before the semi-final.

Mr. Abdullah Idilbi
Student Life Coordinator

SABIS® STARS Testimonials

"When I got selected for the SABIS® STARS (advertising) this year, I was both excited and nervous. It was a unique and marvelous experience. We met a lot of friendly and pro-active students who guided and helped us. We were accompanied by our SLC, Mr.Abdullah Idilbi and Mrs. Fariyal Barque who watched over us. ISC-Lahore performed brilliantly in all categories, acquiring 2nd positions in advertising, science fair, public speaking and 3rd positions in art competition and debating, respectively. We had a lot of fun, and made new friends. I would like to thank Mrs.Margo, Mr.Abdullah and the whole school for supporting us."

Haider Bin Inam, G11LA (Advertising)

"I went to this year’s 2014 SABIS® STARS tournament representing my school, ISC Lahore in debates. I was surrounded by so many bright, like-minded students, striving for knowledge and greatness. I believe that by encouraging and maintaining an atmosphere such as this, students can achieve greatness. The experience I gained from my short time at the SABIS® STARS tournament is as valuable as all my years in ISC Lahore put together. My time in Amman was a truly eye opening experience and thus I highly recommend competing in the next SABIS® STARS tournament again to anyone who might be interested."

Sher Ali Khan, G10S (Debates)

"My name is Zunaira Ahmad, and I am in Grade 6A. I was selected to appear in Spelling Bee competition for which I had to fly to Jordan, to compete against 10 schools of Choueifat in the Region. When my competition started I was very nervous that may be I won’t understand their pronunciation, or they might not understand mine. As I progressed towards the semifinal, I was very comfortable with the environment. At first, I thought that the other students know more than me but as we moved ahead, I understood that my school had prepared me properly as well. Now, I am very proud to be one of the SABIS® STARS and I would definitely take part in the next competition."

Zunaira Ahmad, G6A (Spelling Bee)

"It was an amazing experience as we met, learned and competed with students from other SABIS® schools. I enjoyed participating and being exposed to other cultures. The environment was intense and enlightening. Furthermore, I had to share the room with two students from Cairo. Getting to know them and walking around with them in the malls was great fun."

Muhammad Bin Asim, G10LA (Advertising)

"By going to Jordan and competing with ten different schools, I gained a lot of experience. It was strange at first because we didn’t know how the competition was going to be conducted but now we know how to prepare ourselves in the future for every competition. I will try to perform much better in the future, Inshallah. Next time, if I get the chance, I will surely win the prize and make my school one of the best. I would like to thank all my teachers and all the SABIS® star participants who gave me the best support."

Subhan Khurram, G6B (Spelling Bee)

"SABIS® STARS was a truly exceptional experience. What made it so was not just the competition, but also the people. Witnessing the great SABIS® network and its teachings at play, left me with respect and appreciation for the SABIS® system. It definitely had a positive impact on me."

Rehan Hafeez, G10SA (Debates)

"At SABIS® STARS, ISC Lahore was given the opportunity to distinguish itself on an international and competitive level. Our students used this chance to represent the school in the most incredible way possible. Considering that this was our first time participating in SABIS® STARS, it was with great pride that I watched our team receive accolades in almost every event they competed in. Our school team, which went to SABIS® Stars as the underdogs, returned as the champions."

Omar Rahim Khan, G11SA (Public Speaking)

"For me, it was the experience of a lifetime, and to see our students accomplish so much for the very first time was very heartwarming. I hope ISC-Lahore continues to participate in such interactive and skill building events."

Mrs. Barque, Coordinator, G2-4

"My participation in the SABIS® STARS ’14 (Student Life Talent and Academic Regional Stars) for the Science Fair was one of the most constructive and successful academic events I have ever participated in. It was hosted by the SABIS® International School of Choueifat – Amman, Jordan. SABIS® STARS is a regional educational contest in which students from SABIS® member schools in the Region meet and compete in an event that showcases their mastery of knowledge and critical thinking skills. Our science team, representing the ISC Lahore, Team Pakistan, consisted of two participants; Syed Faaiz Hussain and myself. Our team managed to secure the second position in the “Science Fair” by presenting the Multi-Powered Turbine Engine and the Maze Solving Robot."

Danish Amjad Alvi, G11S (Science Fair)

"SABIS® STARS gave us an opportunity to uncover talents we never knew we had. It taught us the real meaning of teamwork. It allowed us to make friends from all over the world and it provided us with a chance to proudly represent our school and our country, not just as Choueifat students, but as Pakistanis. Being given this chance to travel to Jordan to participate in a competition was a dream come true, and it has helped me appreciate how working hard always pays off in the end."

Pareesa Ali, G10LB (Advertising)

"Everyone has a dream of communicating with different people of different countries and luckily SABIS® gave me this opportunity. Competing with 90 students in the Spelling Bee Competition at ISC Lahore and then going to Jordan, where I competed with people of different countries, was more like a dream come true. I have learned many things. Few of the important things that I have learnt are: how to manage yourself, how to perform under pressure, how to maintain one’s morale and confidence. It is not always about winning but it’s about the experience you get.

I would like to thank Mr. Abdullah Idilbi, Mrs. Fariyal Barque and all the team members for their support, cooperation and help."

Shafan Bhinder, G6B (Spelling Bee)

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