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SLTC - Greece

To say the Student Life Training Camp (SLTC) was anything short of life-changing would be an understatement. The 2015 SLTC had everything I could have hoped for. There were incredible lectures, like “The Energy Bus”, and “Fish Philosophy”, stunning trips across Greece, and, most of all, there were incredible individuals.

Everything about the SLTC made for a complete package, with fun cruises, lunches, and activities, but also interesting, thought-provoking seminars and videos. I learned much more at the camp, but the greatest thing about the camp wasn’t the ten days in which it is held, but the hundreds of days that follow. Another great thing about the camp is that it enables students to truly make their lives and the lives of their fellow classmates far better. The end of the ten-day camp is the beginning of the real test for students who had the privilege of going, for at the end of the SLTC, lies a chance, an opportunity, to make huge changes in the days, attitudes, and lives of others, and ourselves. It will sound like a cliché, but I’ll say it again: the SLTC is the greatest experience SABIS® can give you during your time at school. It would be quite unfortunate if you didn’t try to seize it.

Osman Rahim Khan, 11 LA


The Student Life Training Camp, commonly called the SLTC, was the most life-changing experience of my life. We were chosen to go to one of the most historical and breathtaking places in the world: Greece! The presentations made by the Student Life Coordinators were extremely inspiring and motivating. Students from all over the world converged at this event to represent their respective schools. I had the honor of Brain storming ideas with them to implement in our respective institutions. Not only had I made lifelong friendships at the camp, but I had come back a changed person – someone who had changed for the better.

Imran Ahmed Qureshi, 11 LA

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