ISC-Lahore Stories

Swimming Championship

It has been a very busy swimming season for our ISC-Lahore swimmers, especially

Maya Omar (Grade 7) and Reebal Ashfaq (Grade 9). Not only are our swimmers renowned in the province of Punjab but at the national level as well. Our swimmers have participated in a total of 9 competitions this year. Maya has won a total of 19 gold medals and 4 trophies for Best U-12 Swimmer.

In addition, Reebal has won 30 gold and 12 bronze medals as well as a trophy for Best U-14 Swimmer. Abdullah Ashfaq (Grade 6) has also been declared the best swimmer in U-12 category with 10 gold, 8 silver, and 15 bronze medals. All our students showed exceptional performance at the national games and made their school very proud. Our girls’ team also took home the trophy in 3rd position at the recently held Inter-School Swimming Championship.

Mahnan Chaudhary, 11B

Head Girl of the SABIS SLO

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