Student Life


“Tell me, and I forget

Teach me, and I remember

Involve me, and I learn.”

          -- Benjamin Franklin


The schools in the SABIS® Network firmly believe that education has the power to change the world. The SABIS® Student Life Organization (SLO), plays an important role in preparing students to change the world. SLO gives students in SABIS® Network schools the opportunity to develop “life” skills that empower them to make a difference.


Today, the SABIS® Student Life Organization (SLO) is a society that is run by students, for students, involving them in the day-to-day running of the school and creating a positive school culture.



SLO at ISC-Lahore

SLO is comprised of eight distinct departments fully run by students. All our students are encouraged to join SLO and take an active role in the many aspects of life at school, both academic and non-academic.


The SLO Academic Department in ISC-Lahore arranges academic support for students. This support takes on many different forms: Student prefects arrange weekly study groups and peer tutoring. The department also encourages students to become Shadow Teachers®, students who work ahead in the syllabus and then teach their peers for either part of a lesson or for the entire period under the supervision of the teacher. Power Study Sessions are also arranged by our students.  In these sessions, expert students offer assistance to those in need of help. Power Study Sessions are offered each term before final exams.


The SLO Discipline Department at ISC-Lahore runs campaigns, including anti-bullying campaigns.


The SLO Management Department is involved in managing all data associated with the SLO Office. One of the students' major projects is the production of the annual SLO Yearbook. This department also publishes an informative and entertaining monthly school newspaper.


The SLO Sports and Health Department includes healthy lifestyle promotion among our students. This department arranges a wide array of different sport activities and supporting events to promote a healthy student body.


The SLO Activities Department runs the daily activities offered during the SLO Period each day. During the SLO Period, a myriad of activities is offered including arts and crafts, dance, drama, music ensembles, choirs, private music lessons, chess, science and computer clubs, and much more. The SLO Activities Department also organizes several special school events including dances, lock-ins, movie nights, and visits to amusement parks.


The SLO Outreach Department ensures that both new and returning students are fully integrated into ISC-Lahore. This department arranges ambassadors for all new students and regularly plans theme spirit days. The SLO outreach department also runs recruitment drives while also creating a positive atmosphere in the school committee, School tours for prospective parents and students 


The SLO Social Responsibility Department at ISC-Lahore has been involved in a variety of charitable events such as Pink Ribbon, Shaukat Khanam Hospital, Door of Awareness, Special Olympics Pakistan, and Green Pakistan Initiatives.  


The SLO Lower School Department is specifically for Primary School students. SLO prefects in the Secondary and High School organize fun events such as challenge days, run for science events, and quiz days.


SLO Student Initiatives


Student Life Organization Period    

Academic Support      

Shadow Teaching Day

Peer Tutoring

Bullying Prevention

School Spirit Days


Activity Nights


Field Day        


Study Groups  

Various Fundraisers               

Community Service                



Reading Clubs

Board Games

Accelerated Reader Program
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