Studying at ISC-Lahore

High School Diploma (Grade 9-12)

Grade 9 is the beginning of a four-year High School Program that focuses on success in college and in life.  Abstract reasoning and critical thinking skills are emphasized in all disciplines. Our classes include a broad base of traditional academic subjects and reflect the knowledge that universities require.

At the end of High School, students earn the SABIS® High School diploma that is fully accredited by Accreditation International, and Middle States Association of Colleges and schools.

Additionally, our students are also prepared to take a number of external exams including:

• British System of Education: IGCSE, O Level, AS Level, and A Level

• American System of Education: TOEFL, PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, ACT, and Advanced Placement (AP®)

Students who study French can sit for French Language proficiency Examinations DELF and DALF; and students who opt to study Chinese Mandarin can sit for Mandarin Language Proficiency test Youth Chinese Test (YCT), which is for non-native speakers administered by the Chinese Government.

Course Options in High School

Students at ISC-Lahore have 4 options to choose from for their path to university:

Option A: O Levels (Urdu, Pakistan studies, Islamiyat), High School Diploma, and Advanced Placement® Examinations

Option B: High School Diploma and Advanced Placement® Examinations

Option C: High School Diploma

Option D: O Levels, High School Diploma, and Advanced Placement® Examinations
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