Studying at ISC-Lahore


At ISC-Lahore, students benefit from the use of technology that enhance students’ learning experience and improve outcomes.  Technology tools currently integrated in SABIS® classrooms include E-books, interactive whiteboards and accompanying lessons, tablets, and computerized examination halls.

SABIS® E-Books

SABIS® E-Books are digitalized versions of the SABIS® Book Series available to all students through their tablets. The SABIS® E-book series includes subject content embedded with interactive digital features such as animations, videos, audio recordings, glossaries, and hyperlinks to enhance the learning process while, at the same time, maintain the efficiency and integrity of the traditional book format.

Please contact the school administration for tablet specifications and other requirements.


The SABIS Integrated Testing and Learning® (ITL®) System is a computerized system that allows learning to be combined with testing, thereby providing immediate feedback and learning opportunities through seamlessly integrating testing and learning activities. Exams are corrected immediately and students can retake the incorrectly answered questions during the same exam session by reviewing the part of the book related to those questions directly on their computer screens. These multiple retakes prevent the formation of learning gaps and allow students to fully grasp the material.


SABIS® Digital Platform

Parents can keep track of their child’s performance through the SABIS® Digital Platform, a password-protected website that provides information about academic performance, behavior, SLO® contributions, and attendance. Accessible via mobile device, tablet, or computer, The SABIS® Digital Platform also provides regular updates on school events and activities.  Parents can also download the SABIS® Parent App to their mobile phone or tablet to access the Digital Platform and receive alerts regarding school notices.

Students can also log on to the SABIS® Digital Platform to view their timetable and homework assignments. Students can also track their academic performance and SLO® participation as well as monitor their attendance and view reminders and notices.
SABIS® Digital Platform