Our experience at Chouiefat has been exceptional. The teachers are truly invested in my children’s education and their growth as learners. Adjustments are made as needed to meet the needs of the student. Small class sizes and leveled learning have enabled my children to gain confidence in their learning abilities. 

The administration is open minded and think outside the box to make chouiefat a successful educational experience for the students. They teach value lessons, communication and leadership skills. Choueifat’s Education has been a very positive experience for our family.
Javerya Mudassar
Mother of Mahnoosh Mudassar

Javerya Mudassar - Testimonials

Being a part of ISC Lahore has been an amazing journey. This is the reason when the time came for choosing a kindergarten for my third and youngest child I had only ISC on my list. As a parent for me what matters is the joy a child indulges in while learning. The fact that he looks forward to going to school is a testimony to the positive nurturing environment that ISC Lahore provides. From developing the love of reading to familiarising children with the latest tech ISC Lahore is the place to ready your child for the Future.
Jawariah Mir
Mother of Rumaan Mir
Kg 2 A

Jawariah Mir - Testimonials

“It has been a pleasure to work with you and your school. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. You should be very proud of the accomplishments at ISC-Lahore.”

The CITA Accreditation Team (2007)

“We take this opportunity to express our deepest appreciation and sincere gratitude for the support, guidance and encouragement that ISC-Lahore has extended to our son. Over these years, the International School of Choueifat has always proven to be most genuinely concerned about his future and has provided us with immeasurable assistance and profound wisdom over the years."

Mr & Mrs Arshad Choudhry ISC-Lahore parents

"I have studied in ISC-Lahore for 13 years. In the last year, I was going through financial troubles; the school extended its hand and gave me the honor of being the first scholarship student in ISC-Lahore. The school has helped me to build a character which helped me accomplish all the challenges in life that I have faced."

Muhammad Bin Awais Class of 2012

“The remarkable system and untiring persistent efforts of your respected staff has groomed our son to a level that is a pride for us. Your wonderful school has brought out the best in our son’s personality and inner inert traits which was possible only in best of institutions and very best staff.”

Rana Shaukat Mahmood M.A. LLB ISC-Lahore parent

"ISC-Lahore provides top-quality education to a highly diverse student body. Everyone has a unique character, is friendly, and willing to help. I would like to thank ISC-Lahore for strengthening our moral values and providing us opportunity to succeed at university."

Wu Ranlu Class of 2012

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