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ISC Lahore Success Story-Zouina Sarfraz

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Zouina Sarfraz

Class of 2013

Graduated from Fatima Jinnah Medical University (Major in Medicine and Surgery)

On the forefront of COVID-19 clinical research and an advocate of thinking out of the box as a young female doctor in Pakistan

Dr. Zouina Sarfraz says, "I believe the SABIS system (Sharjah and Lahore) is more than an education portal. It enables you to lead distinct niches with utmost confidence. Be it economics, business, marketing, medicine, you're equipped with a strong sense of being.

If you ask me why, I'd go with the multidisciplinary education and the enabling environment at school that helps you shine. The SLO is no different. From the 8-4s, weekly and daily tests, you're schooled to excellence.

From being unsure about what to pursue at high school, 7 years in, and I'm leading clinical trials, being on the forefront of pandemic therapies and discussions, and collaborating with mental health and medical experts worldwide.

To sum my experiences with SABIS®, I feel confident in their system, the level of education they provide. These are lifelong skills! I'd recommend ISC Lahore to anyone who wishes for their children to shine!


Dr. Zouina Sarfraz (FJMU, Batch of 2020)


Managing Editor: Pakistan Journal of Surgery and Medicine (

Graduate Medical Researcher: Division of Research & Academic Affairs, Larkin Community Hospital, South Miami, Fl, USA

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