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Urdu Creative Writing Competition

                 25th Anniversary Celebrations ISC-Lahore

                       Urdu Creative Writing Competition

                                  Middle & High School 

Regarding 25th Anniversary Celebrations Urdu Department with collaboration of SLO



                                     OCT 18—19, 2017

This Urdu Creative writing competition included students from Gr. 7 to Gr. 12 which the students enjoyed and also showcased their outstanding writing skills. On the day of the competition 70 students participated. 

Thank you to our SLO® prefects, Harum Zeb Chatha(11A) and Minahil Anjum(12B) who made the announcements.

The winners are as follows, view more pictures


Gr. 7                                                                   Gr. 9                                                     Gr. 11

    1st          Hassan Yousf            7C           1st   Nawaz Mohsin     9A             1st   Omair Subhani             11A

    2nd         Inayah Israr                7A           2nd    Khadija Nazir       9B            2nd    Ozair Faisal                 11A

     3rd         Irfan Haroon              7B            3rd    Aafaq Latif           9A            3rd    Mujtaba Naveed           11B


Gr.8                                                                       Gr. 10                                              Gr. 12

     1st       Fatima Iman               8C       1st   Usman Shahid          10B              1st     Salamat Bhatti       12A

      2nd      Lilla Fajar                     8C       2nd    Shafan Bhinder     10B           2nd    Alexandros Ali            12A

      3rd       Nishva Fatima            8A       3rd   Furqan Waseem     10A            3rd    Faiqa Akram                12B

                                                                                                                                   3rd    Jameel Subhani          12B



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