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Deforestation: Are we running short of time? by Ayla Fatima 7B

Deforestation is a growing problem of our world. It has many causes: such as forest fires, cutting down trees for the production of paper and furniture, mining, climate change, and logging. Deforestation has a huge impact on human life, as it can cause fewer crops, frequent floods, global warming, soil erosion, and wild life extinction. To stop deforestation we should try using recycled products instead of non-recyclable products. For example, instead of throwing plastic water bottles in the bin, we should dispose it in recycling center. We can also plant trees by initiating tree plantation drive, minimize paper consumption, and stop purchasing products that contain palm oil to reduce deforestation. As palm oil producers have been expanding their business and gradually running out of land; therefore, they turn to burning or cutting down forests. The absence of trees in some areas has already resulted in significantly higher amount of carbon dioxide and lower amount of oxygen. The same goes with beef people, who cut down trees for cattle pastures. A study shows that deforestation can reduce up to 75 if we reduce our meat intake. Therefore, in time measures are needed for long term prosperity.

                                                                                                            Ayla Fatima 7B

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