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Pakistan is drowning-by Fatima Faisal Khan (Grade 7)

Pakistan is drowning. One third of Pakistan has been flooded, and around 950,000 houses have been destroyed. Around 1,200 people have lost their lives, and others struggle to survive. According to the statistics, 33 million people have been affected by the disaster. Clinics and schools are no longer available.  Survivors are putting up camps, trying their best to feed their children and survive. Many people no longer have clothes and food. Those who have not experienced floods do not understand how privileged they are. We must help those in need. We must undo the damage. Every last coin counts. If money can help feed children, set up camps, provide healthcare and save lives, I see no better use of it.

Fatima Faisal Khan (Gr. 7)

Lower School Prefect

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