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Effects of Academic Stress by Rania Asif Grade 9A

Nowadays, a lot of countries have tough education systems e.g. South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Finland, etc. Students must contribute all their time to studies and barely get any time to enjoy themselves.

Having a positive attitude is very important in every aspect. It helps us make right decisions, think properly, and improves our abilities.

However, the stressful education system of today, often, has a huge impact on a students’ mental health.

A survey across the U.S. showed that as many as 87% of college students claim education as their main source of stress.

Having to study all the time, give exams every other day, and to meet the deadlines of assignments can cause stress. Stress can further lead to anxiety and depression.

This causes:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Discipline problems
  • Poor academic performance
  • Low self-esteem

Recently, because of the pandemic, students spent 2 years studying online. Online classes made things even more difficult and confusing. Most students didn’t pay attention and as for those who did listen, they still found it a bit difficult to understand.

Also, a lot of classes were left unattended because of Wi-Fi problems or other technical issues.


To help students understand the concept clearly, teachers should make sure they facilitate students by paying attention to every student and answering all their questions.

Also, the amount of homework should also be reduced. There shouldn’t be too much burden on students. This way their academic performance will be amazing, and they won’t stress about it either.

Rania Asif – 9-A

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